Another (false, duh!) Narrative is Born –

And (of course) Immediately Accepted without Question

I remember in my Fundamentalist Christian Days we had a saying or Belief:

The Bible says it, and we believe it, so that settles it.

Today I see a much more powerful and pervasive Belief:

The Mainstream Media (MSM) says it, and we believe it, so that settles it.

In this case not only did the controlled Mass Media inform us of this new Narrative, but Joe and Kamala confirmed it with their Presidential Imprimatur, so there is just no doubting it. The Narrative is:

White Racism (in particular White-Supremacy Racism) against Asians is a Big Problem, so, let’s all focus on this despite the fact that:

  • Both the FBI and local sheriff both say the crime was NOT racially-motivated; and

  • Violence against Asians is committed 5 times more often by blacks as by whites, per capita (is it racist to recite these FBI statistics [not that I trust them either]?).

Hey – and the guy LOOLS like a White-Supremacist!

I find this very fascinating! In a couple of days it became an accepted Official Narrative. It is amazing how the Powers-that-Be can play the population like a fiddle, creating the Beliefs and Reality for the consumers of this “information”. And those played KNOW they are right because almost-all the MSM confirm their beliefs. Psychologists and Sociologists should be having a field day studying real-time these “group think” and population-control phenomena in our Totalitarian Society, though I’m not sure who would fund them. Bill Gates perhaps (sarcasm)?

I think, to first order, these Racism-Narratives are meant to divide us while the top 0.1% continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the 99%.

Fighting Narratives is like Wack-a-Mole on Steroids. I’m going to stick to “Climate Change” and CoVid-1984, or just say fuck-it and start talking about wolves. What do you think?

Below two Vidoes
[1] One I’ve shown before about how ALL the MSM put out the same exact message, verbatim (even FOX [controlled opposition?]); and

[2] Interesting – shows top Google Search for every state for 10 years. Most the things I’ve never heard of, but it sure is interesting how, especially recently, the WHOLE country will have the same Top Search, and it varies in a day or two! More than interesting, perhaps fascinating. Of course Google displays as top search possibilities what it wants you to see and will delete or suppress any items or sites deemed not to be in support of the Narratives.