Get Ready -- only 3 years !

The Next Full Eclipse of the Sun

Full Eclipses of the Moon are a dime a dozen. Full Eclipses of Sun, however, are quite rare — the last in the Western Hemisphere was in 2017 and I got to view it in Southern Illinois. The next will be 3 years from today, 15:06:51 EST Monday 08 April 2024. After that, you will have to wait until 2052 and travel to Mexico to view it. I’ll probably be dead by then.

In the picture below you can see the path of the Full Eclipse in 2024.

Now, a bit about the Benefits of Complaining:

Joan and I saw the last Full Eclipse in the Western Hemisphere in 2017 in the Shawnee National Forest in Southern IL.

We and Nashoba camped at a State Park, and as we were packing up the day after the Eclipse, some State Officials approached me and asked about our stay there.

And I COMPLAINED to them, stating (I think quite factually) that:

  1. The Eclipse was WAY too SHORT (just under 2 minutes); and

  2. It was WAY too HOT! (like way in the 90's with 90% relative humidity).

And, then, after getting back home, I consulted the latest predictions of the next Full Eclipse in the Western Hemisphere and found that:

  1. The Full Eclipse would be over TWICE as LONG (over 4 minutes rather than just under 2 minutes); and

  2. The Eclipse would be in early April when the TEMPERATURE is PERFECT (rather than late August) ; and

  3. The track of the Full Eclipse will go right over my house (n.b.: and I hadn't even complained about the 4 hour drive).

So, you often hear people telling you that complaining is just a waste of time.

Well, above are real DATA demonstrating the Power of Complaining.