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That last line is what I needed to read this morning! I’ve been feeling rather useless, that I can’t figure out how to effect any change for the better in this battered world, but had a little victory this week. I inherited a small flock of chickens 15 months ago, who had been rather neglected. Now they free range in my backyard and seem very happy, except for one, a big, beautiful Brahma who was definitely the mean and dominant one. She was also the only one who wouldn’t let me pet her and pick her up until a few days ago when she walked up to me and squatted down to get some affection! She’s also stopped being so mean to the other chickens and is the last one out of the coop in the morning, letting the others be first to eat breakfast. Not important that I restored a chicken’s sense of well-being, but important that I did it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today.

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As long as all that electroscrap is recyclable, I'm OK with it. ;)

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On the Other-Other hand,

Neither of these two communities plays could compete with Ainadamar, by O. Golijov, performed by Jacob School of Music with complete orchestra.

And, on the Other-Other-Other hand,

while I did not fall asleep during either of the community play performances, I did fall asleep during Ainadamar !

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This calls to mind the Lorenz Attractor which, in a sense, represents the best human demonstration that "nothing we do matters" on a long time scale. That's the nihilistic interpretation, anyway.

I prefer to think that what I do, personally, as a tiny drop amidst a sea of human actors, present past and future, is roughly as impactful as what a Roman emperor or medieval European monarch did.

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