Or, perhaps, I suspect, in this world of Propaganda, the Narrative will not be destroyed, not even crumble, it will just be forgotten and they will move onto another ...

Notice how in the State of the Union Speech NO ONE had on a Muzzle, and people were shaking hands and hugging ?

Yep, let's just pretend it never happened and forget that 4.2 Trillion dollars spent ....

Let's move on to more important things ...

In short, no one will ever be held accountable.

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I encourage you, Tim, if you haven't already, to investigate the career of Vladislav Surkov. I suspect that future historians (if humanity is fortunate enough) will study him and, perhaps, regard him as the father of 21st century propaganda.

The most digestible introduction to Surkov's method is probably the Adam Curtis documentary titled "Hypernormalisation."


If you don't have time for that, but you're interested, buzz me and I'll explain briefly.

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Whoops! The YouTube link I provided above is just a trailer.

Here's the full-length production.


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Feb 4, 2023·edited Feb 4, 2023Liked by Tim Ellison

I guess I'm not reluctant to say, "I enjoyed reading the post". The greatest ornament within it came in the form of that color photo of Six Grandees each proclaiming to all of us rubes, hicks, and hayseeds that [sic], "You won't get the virus if you are vaccinated". What a bunch of obvious dumb-asses they have all turned out to be. The circumstances surrounding the antics of these clowns surely would define the necessity of the potent expression, "delicious irony". This mess we are in is no less than a stinking pile of warm, not-fragrant horseshit. Taken all together, what we have seen to date with this pandemic is almost hilarious except that it really can't be. Because what has happened is a tragedy with multiple layers.

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Thank you ...

High praise from an MDeity !

People will listen to you, especially if you wear you white jacket !

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I hardly regard myself or any surgical colleague for that matter as "deity". We rarely if ever wear the "white jackets" that you mention except for my rich ophthalmology pals who sport White Tie formal wear at their various yacht clubs' Holiday Dinner Dances and opening nights of various opera or symphony performances. Nice try though with the "MDeity" label. I'm just another hayseed who earned his PhD in the field of physical organic chemistry (University of Illinois), became rapidly bored in the industrial world, borrowed money at La Cosa Nostra rates to attend medical school, and subsequently trained in surgery at the institution that decided to appoint me to its faculty. I was Board Certified by ABS for thirty years but am just another a retired Full Professor now and I consider myself a "former semi-pro" *at best* in the field of epidemiology even if I am an elected Emeritus Fellow of both IDSA and SHEA. Certainly, I'm not a Professional in that academic domain but have done research involving more than simple epidemiology tactics and I have served on multiple occasions as a consultant to Gub-ment, industry, and the legal profession.

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While I've criticized the MDeities for going along with this craziness, the ones I am most critical of are those of my profession: the scientists, in particular, the physicists. I fear they no longer even know what science is. Today it seems to be BELIEF in the "correct" stories (theories or Narratives); rather than BELIEF only in DATA, and using DATA to test all theories, stories, models and Narratives.

I see the Universities, even their physics departments, to not be centers of critical thinking, but Purveyors of Narrative. To allow, no, insist, that their young students be muzzled and Vax'd to attend their Institutions is a crime against their students, and against their supposed professions.

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Another Narrative Crumbling ...

Without much fanfare, earlier this week Jeff Gerth, a Pulitzer-Prize winning former New York Times investigative reporter, dropped a thorough and damning four-part article dissecting the media’s obsessive reporting on Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia. Even more surprising, Gerth’s report, “The press versus the president,” appeared at the in-house organ of America’s most prestigious journalism school, Columbia Journalism Review, which has long been regarded as something of an unofficial ombudsman for the media industry.


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Hallelujah! Yes...it’s happening 🙏🏻😊✨

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Yes !

So Totally Actually Really Like Duh!

Just what I was thinking a year ago ...

And, this may just be more wishful thinking !

But who knows.

You have to believe that, in the course of time, real science and DATA will EVENTUALLY win over Narrative.

It only took about 500 years for Galileo ... so, yeah, EVENTUALLY !

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Like the always disheveled Lt. Columbo would phrase it with the cigar butt dangling in his mouth, "There's just one more question that is bothering me" --- I am insufficiently trained, experienced, or credentialed to probe the following issue: Can somebody with valid epidemiology tickets, no agendas, and plenty of experience PLEASE take a hard look at this claim recently being made by the very confident electrical engineer Steve Kirsch that he has "absolutely proven" the greater lethality of receiving mRNA vaccines (relative to not receiving them)? I have read his stuff online and it sure seems to me that the approach taken is not valid for performing any reliable causal attribution because it may well be crippled by the operation of the ecological fallacy. Then there is this separate aspect of his rigmarole -- using as "raw data" the recollections of volunteers (?). I'm not asserting that Kirsch is "dead wrong" even if he pretty clearly seems to be way out of his lane. I'm saying that his methodology definitely deserves what Professor Deborah Mayo would call "a severe test". I am not bullshitting here -- this is important..

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I think Steve's more recent posting,


hits the nail on the head. Of course there as some limitations to Steve's Surveys, but the DATA are out there to definitively answer the question of the mRNA Vax Safety. And, if these DATA were made available, one would need to be neither a trained Epidemiologist nor Statistician easily discern the truth.

I think there already are DATA out there definitively proving the lethality of these mRNA "Vax's":





There are also DATA from insurance companies, and the meticulous statistical analysis of the increase in All-Cause-Mortality in Germany:


A bigger question might be, even if there is an obvious undisputable plethora of DATA proving that the mRNA Vax increases All-Cause-Mortality, would it be reported in all the MSM ? i.e., is even all the DATA in the world capable of successfully attacking a false Narrative ?

e.g., Look at Muzzling -- there has NEVER been ANY science to back this up -- but that has not been enough to challenge the Narrative. Ditto Social Distancing and Lockdowns.

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Westerners (Americans in particular, historically) are particularly vulnerable to media lies because we have had a high trust society for so long. This, of course, is the result of historically sparse populations and homogenous racial/ethnic demographics. Until recently, Scandinavian countries served as the best examples of this effect.

As population density increases and migrant populations are introduced, you are starting to see erosion of trust among and between neighbors, colleagues, business partners and passersby. This will, in time, extend to the media.

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I would hope we would keep out trust "between neighbors, colleagues, business partners and passersby" and old long lost friends, but lose it for .gov and the media -- today both part of the same fascist party. As the Native American I got Nashoba from said, "I you want to know whether you can trust the government, just ask an Indian".

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Feb 5, 2023·edited Feb 5, 2023

I hear ya, brother. As a matter of practicality, though, I urge you to consider - - even if only academically - - the apparent supremacy of culture-centric and ethnocentric approaches to human organization. It's a hard pill to swallow for us modern Westerners.

Multiculturalism is a euphemism for destruction of culture. What is culture, exactly, if not *shared* values and virtues?

Introductory materials:




This is my hypothesis for the resolution to the nightmare in which we find ourselves. The architects of this dystopia and their ideological descendants have, for at least a full century, reverberated between being (or being dominated by) "true believers" in radical egalitarianism and being common criminals at the highest level of their game. And neither camp is capable of achieving a stable vision on Earth. Most probably, the aristocratic Bolsheviki diehards in Moscow and Tel Aviv - - in their effort to unravel Westernism - - will (have already?) spread the cancer to every corner of civilization upon which they depend for survival.

The perfect parasite designs itself to maintain a balance with its host. And the perfect predator with its prey.

Our adversaries are flawed predators. The bottom of the food chain outlasts such creatures.

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As an aside, this is a good read.


If you integrate Tainter's observations with your own understanding of centrally planned economies, fractional reserve banking and large scale propaganda machines, I think you will conclude that our adversaries are succumbing to the unchangeable forces of nature. Their reign is in its death throes.

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